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Do you want to practice some Topics for IELTS Life skills A1 or A2 that are most commonly asked, then you are on the right track. 

There are some easy samples of most frequently asked Topics in A1 or A2 Test. These topics may appear in exam both as Conversation and question asking format. 

Sometimes examiner may add some words at the beginning or starting of the  Topic title given in the list below. But these changes are not so tough for the candidates to understand or pass in the test.

2.House or Flat.
4.Everyday Activities.
6. Work.
7. Study.
8. Eating out.
9. Travelling.
10. Shopping.
11. Freetime.
12. Weekend.
13. Sports.
14. Visiting Country.
15. Visiting Park.
16. Famous Person.
17. Internet.
18. Transport.
19. Hobby.
20.Mobile Phone.
21. Animal/Pet Animal.
22. Meeting People.
24. Newspaper.
25. Buying New things.
26.Keeping body fit.
26. Every day meal.
27. Special day.
28.Travelling by plane.
29. Favorite cloth.
30. Festival.
31.Helping people.
33. Website.
34. Favorite App.
35.Reading book.
36.Riding Motorbike.
37. Handicraft.
38.Watching Movie.
39. Watching TV.
40.Listening Radio.


Hometown/The town or city you live/ People of your Hometown

1.Where is your Hometown? What is the name of your Town/City?
Ans:- My hometown is (……………..)

2.What are there in your Hometown/City?
Ans:- There are so many things such as School, college, hospital, shopping mall and so on.

3. Why is your Hometown famous for?
Ans:- My hometown is famous for (…………)

4. How may people live in your Hometown?
Ans:- It’s about 1 million.

5. How are the people of your Hometown?
Ans:- They are very good and friendly.

6. What do they do?
Ans:- Majority of them are businessman and some are doing different types of job.

7.What do the children do? 
Ans:- They are student.

8. Is there any facility for children in your Hometown?
Ans:- Yes there are some facilities for children .

9. What facilities are there for children?
Ans:- There are so many facilities such as Children Academy, Children Park, Playground and so on.

10. What do you like most of your Hometown?
Ans:- I like most the natural beauty.

11. What do you dislike ?
Ans:- I dislike the drainage system/ traffic system.

12.How long have you been living in this town?
Ans:- I have been living in this town since my birth.

13. Do you think this town is a good place for living and working ?
Ans:- Yes I think this town is a good place for living and working .

14. Why? 
Ans:- Because there are so many facilities such as School, college, hospital, industry, office and so on.

15. Do you want to change anything of your Hometown?
Ans:- Yes I want to change the traffic system.

16. Why?
Ans:- Because traffic system is very poor in our town.

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